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Fancy Plants supplies an extensive range of quality plants from local markets in the Greater Bunbury Region. From Australian natives, shrubs & trees to a large selection of exotics, vegetable seedlings, herbs and more. Fancy Plants Bunbury love plants and are happy to source rare and different species for you.


Plants, Natives, Edible, Exotics and More

The taste and quality of growing your own food is an experience that Fancy Plants Bunbury would hate to see lost. Gardening is in our genes and we would love to share it with you. Whether you are growing plants to eat, cut and bring inside to enjoy or help feed the local wildlife we have something for you.
We are excited for you to discover the plants from our range of natives, exotics and edible, explore our website or see us at a local market and enjoy your gardening journey here at Fancy Plants Bunbury .

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See Us At a Market

27th October Sunday 8am – 1pm            Stable Market Bunbury

24th November Sunday 8am – 1pm       Stable Market Bunbury

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Deb Scott – Fancy Plants Bunbury

Plants and gardening have always been a big passion of mine ever since I was a young girl. Gardening is in my genes.

I formalised my skills 12 years ago and completed my Diploma of Horticulture. I’m very passionate about plants and gardening, it is all I have ever wanted to do. Even in my spare time.

Planting and gardening are very rewarding and I love to see my plants that I produce from a seed and flourish into something that makes your garden come to life or that you can enjoy by preparing your produce in your home cooking. I love the rewards you get when planting a garden or veggie patch, flowers, nature, fruit…

It excites me that I am now able to bring this same passion into your homes and gardens, so you too can enjoy the benefits that I have done for many years and will do into the future. I get excited when I discover new products, plants and techniques in gardening and want to show you, my customers too.

Look forward to seeing you at Fancy Plants Bunbury market stall. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact me.

Bringing your garden to life.

Plant Availability

If you cannot find a specific plant that you are looking at our market stall just ask; we will be pleased to source it for you.
Some plants are seasonal or maybe out of stock for a short time, if in doubt please contact Fancy Plants Bunbury.

DISCLAIMER - The information provided on this website is to be used as a guide only and general in nature. The photos are NOT of current stock, are for displayed purposes only and a representation of the plant or flower variety. Fancy Plant Nursery does not recommend any particular plant variety over another nor do we claim to be an authority on all plants and their performance. All information on this website has been entered in good faith and was believed to be correct at the time or is based on our personal experiences. Fancy Plant Nursery give notice that we are not responsible for any harm, costs, loss or damage resulting from the use all or any part of the information contained on this website.